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1). Academic Qualification:

Prof KB is basically a Mechanical Engineer. Then, qualified himself as diploma in Chemical, Process,
Instrumentation and Control. Then Prof.KB moved on to management discipline .

He did his post graduate diploma in Finance Management, then did MBA (Marketing ) & then
M.Phil (Management).

Presently he is doing Ph.D in Dissemination of ElectriCity Car charged by Renewable Energy,that is fuel
free ,IC Engine free Eco friendly Lithium Battery operated Car.

2). Management Consultant:

He is the CEO of Creative Management Consultancy (CMC). Presently, he is acting as a Hard Core
Management and Project Consultant for over 75 Companies.

3). Visiting Professor:

He is a Visiting Management Professor for over 35 Management Institutions. Prof.KB produced over
14,000 M.B.A students in the last 22 years.

4). Management Book Writer:

He has written 27 Management Book. Out of that Enterprise wide information system (EIS) has emerged
as only prescribed text book of Bharathidasan University for BCA & B Sc (IT).

5). Corporate Trainer:

He is a regular trainer for BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited),HRDC - Trichy. In the past trained
over 7000 employees ranging from GM to Worker level.

6). Tamil Book Writer:

He has written 10 Tamil books. Tamil readers affectionately call him as “Chinthanai Cirpi”.His blogspot is one of the top 50 Tamil Blog spot having committed readers from over
50 countries ,viewed his 25,000 plus web pages.

7). Motivational Speaker:

In the past,Motivated over 3500 Teachers/ Faculties & 32,000 students of various Nursery & Primary,
Middle, High School and Higher Secondary Schools, Colleges & University.

His 'You Tube' motivational speech videos viewed by over 35,000+ people all over world.

8). Social Worker:
8.1) Genius Educational Trust

Founder trustee and Secretary of Genius Educational Trust. Presently Genius Educational Trust is running Bharathiyar
University Study Centre for Trichi as well as Periyar University Study Centre for Trichi & Pudukotai. In this process
acted a catalyst for producing 2500 + UG,PG & Research Scholars in the last 8 years.
He is the Regional coordinator of Bharathiyar University, Trichi Region.
Also,Running a Genius nursery and primary school ,at Pudukkottai,which is a model school of entire Pudukotai District based 185 schools.

8.2) Global Green Growth Group :

He is the Founder of Global Green Growth Group (4G). 4G is the only Non Governmental organisation in the whole world exclusively
focusing in mitigating Global warming,by way of reversing CO 2 clock to Sustainable November,1988 level through large scale,7200
crore Tulasi plantation.

That is reducing CO 2 level from unpalatable level of 400 PPM exist as on date to sustainable level of 350 PPM through large scale
Tulsi ( Holy Basil) Cultivation.

Tulsi is the only plant in the whole world which offer 20 hours Oxygen and 4 Hours Ozone,which will solve two prime issues of world,that
is CO 2 reduction as well as Ozone layer depletion. ( )

8.3) Minsara Kuppai Kanna :

He is also the founder of “Minsaara Kuppai Kanna”, a voluntary organization to E-waste (Electronic waste) free Chennai and Tamil Nadu.

9.1).Book Publisher ::

He is a Managing Partner of four professionally managed publications, namely GIGO Publications,Pathatam Pathipagam,
Thulasi Publications and Tulasi International Books .

In the past,Gigo Publication released 7 management books... Patham Pathipagam released 10 Tamil Self Development books...
Thulasi Publications released 7 classic books related to mitigating Global Warming through Tulasi.

9.2 Cosmic Group of Companies

He is a Director in Half a dozen companies related to his vision of creating Carbon less World. Cosmic Group of companies are having
Two dozen tie up with World Class companies focussing in Energy Saving range of products which includes world
renowned 3M. He is also in Green Power Generation sphere through Solar of MW level as well as KW level.

Prof.KB's Hobby is book collection and reading books. His Personal Library book collection of rarest one in entire
Tamil Nadu received recognition by Rotary Club of Trichirapalli recently.

As a recognition of his classic one lakh plus collection of printed books in his personal library ,Rotary Club of
Trichirapalli entrusted with a title of Thiruvalar . Puthaga Piriyar ( Mr. Book Lover ) during 2014 Book Fair.

The Hindu - English covered his life and his passion of buying and reading variety of books ,in an extensive
fashion in their Trichi Metro plus edition.

(Link :

The Hindu Tamil newspaper covered fully his hobby ,titled as ' Oru latcham puthaga Katahlan'.

( Link :ஒரு-லட்சம்-புத்தகக்-காதலன்/article6533027.ece?homepage=true&theme=true )

Prof.KB is true workaholic working round the clock carrying out yeoman service to humanity with a vision
to see Carbon Less World and Sustainable Development well within his life time. (


10th Cross,
Thillai Nagar,
Trichy - 620 018.
(0431) 2740 120
98432 74012

About KB

Prof K.B is a Management Professor, Management Consultant, Entrepreneur, Social Worker, Vision Obsserver, Management & Self Development Book Writer, Motivational Speaker

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